iPhone 5 / 4S feature rumors & leaked images up to date

Friday, July 1, 2011 0 comments

by Somnath Ghosh

Here's Every iPhone 5 Rumor We Know About So Far

1.Bigger & edge to edge display:

Most major Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S II,HTC Sensation nowadays have 4-inch screens,Many think the iPhone 5 will adopt the trend with a 4.0 larger screen.

2.4G LTE capability:

It took a full year for the iPhone to get 3G. We expect the same for 4G.iPhone 5/4S may support 4G LTE( (Long Term Evolution) networks.

3.SIM-less design with two or three internal antennas for CDMA and GSM capability:

As far as looks go, some believe the iPhone 5 will be a "global" device.So It can connect to CDMA and GSM networks.Users will be able to use the same device with either Relince CDMA or Airtel.

4.iOS 5 will get more features before the official launch:

iOS 5 is awesome,but there are still third-party widgets,voice control and 3G Facetime missing.So There's a chance Apple will add more features before September.

5.Panoramic photo capabilities & 1080p Full Videos Dual LED  Flash:

Many new Android phones already have a 8 MP camera that can shoot full 1080p HD video.So it's only natural for it to get a nice upgrade with the iPhone 5.

6.Same design as iPhone 4 or there could be a totally new design:

Some believe that the iPhone 5/4S will only be a minor update from the iPhone 4.The outside design will have the same as iPhone 4.On the other hand there could be a totally new design with larger screen and a thinner body.

7.A lower price 'Baby' iPhone:

There's still talk about a smaller and cheaper 'nano' iPhone.

8.No Home Button:

According to sources at BGR,iPhone 5 will come without the home button.There will be a new touch sensitive home button or everything will be controlled by new touch gestures.

9.Near Field Communication(NFC) Chip:

Some rumor mongers predict Apple will include a Near Field Communication(NFC) chip in the phone.You will be able to use your iPhone 5 as a mobile wallet. 


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