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Friday, July 8, 2011 3 comments
Windows 8 user interface style is using UI codenamed Immersive Metro UI.Windows 8 has Tile interface and developer jaycee13 has tries to offer similar visual style in this theme. It supports Windows 7 x86 (32 Bit only) at the moment and you can download it fromwindows_metro_im_by_jaycee13-d3id3o5.rar

Windows Metro IM theme is the successor of  the Windows Metro theme.It is based on user interface inspirations from MetroTwit, Zune and Windows 8.

The Windows Metro IM themedoes not actually add a Windows 8 Start Screen functionality to Windows 7.The theme only does what a Windows theme does.

Windows Metro IM theme is currently supporting only 32-bit (x86) Windows OS.


1. In the Packages folder, open the "Uxtheme Patch" folder
2. Right click on "UniversalThemePatcher-x86" and Run it as Administrator
3. Click on all 3 buttons with the name Patch from the Top to Bottom
4. Restart your computer

5. In the "Theme" Folder, Select "Windows Metro IM" and "Windows Metro IM.theme"
6. Copy both files in C:/Windows/Resources/Themes
7. Double Click to the "Windows Metro IM" file and you're now have the Windows Metro IM theme on your computer.



1. To use the system files you have to take ownership of the files first
2. To take ownership of explorerframe.dll for example
   Go to c:/Windows/System32 and locate the explorerframe.dll then right click on it and select Properties
   Select the security tab and then Advanced
   When a window appears go to Owner tab and click on the Edit button
   Now Just click on the Administrator and click OK twice
   Click on the Edit button now and for all Users and Groups fill all the tick to Allow
   Now click OK twice to exit.
3. Rename the explorerframe.dll to explorerframe.dll.old
4. Go to the System files folder of the Windows Metro IM package you've downloaded and go to either on x86 SP1 or x86 Pre-SP2 (you must determine which version of explorerframe you are using)
5. Copy the explorerframe.dll from x86 folder and paste it to C:/Windows/System32
6. Same procedure will apply in changing the shell32.dll
6. Restart your computer to see the changes.


1. Go to the "Packages" folder and look for the "Windows Theme Installer" folder
2. Right click on the "Windows Theme Installer.exe" and Run it as Administrator
3. Select which system files do you want to replace and browse it on the designated folder (e.g. If you want to replace shell32.dll in the installer, click on the Shell32.dll checkbox and browse for the shell32.dll file of your choice, in our case, it is located in the System Files folder at the Packages folder)
4. Do the same procedure in changing explorerframe.dll
5. Click Install Theme and see the result
6. For the Shell32.dll to take effect, you need to restart your computer
7. If you want to revert back to the original system files, just run the Windows Theme Installer and click on "Restore Default System Files".


1. Go to the "Packages" folder and look for the ""Start Orb Changer" Folder
2. Double Click on the "exe" file
3. Your current Start orb was displayed on the left side of the application
4. Choose "Select & Change Start Button" and browse on the folder/s where it was located (e.g. Packages/System Files/Start Orb BMP)
5. If you want to revert back to original Start Orb, just run the application and choose "Restore Original Explorer Backup"
6. Please take note that the Start Orb will also revert back to its original state when you restore your files using Windows Theme Installer.

Reminders: Always back up your file/s everytime you modify system files and if you do not know your computer's architecture then do not use the system files. Sharing is sexy

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